What You Can Achieve When You are Anxiety Free

Stress can be a natural response to daily life. It is only when individuals have become overwhelmed with stressors that they are less able to access their creative potential, and often feel stuck. Learning how to clear your mind & minimize your physiological response to stress gets you back on track in pursuing  life goals, & improving important relationships.
Such results are achieved precisely by techniques designed to engage your subconscious mind, your inner mind, that all powerful part of your mind responsible for all automatic biological processes, as well as your thoughts, which underlie your emotions.

About our practice

Utilizing state-of-the-art healing techniques from diverse teachings such as EFT, Brain Gym, as well as Qi Gong,  Kundalini yoga, & hypnosis, Chris Hrabovsky educates & empowers his clients to make the desired changes  in their thinking patterns that promote lasting change.  Individuals who have worked with Chris experience a sense of teamwork in unlocking their potentials, & freeing their mind.  What makes services  from ANXIETY FREE ME stand apart from the rest is Chris’ collaborate, individualized approach to his clients’ needs & desires. Individuals depart his two hour sessions with many self help skills they can immediately utilize on their own to maintain gains made in his dynamic, energetic, interesting sessions with a truly gifted and compassionate healer.
Many find that with Chris’ teachings, hypnosis skills, & the take home materials,  a few sessions or less are all that are required to achieve deep and lasting change for a wide range of issues.

Certified by National Guild Of Hypnotists
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