Like many, I didn’t know much about Hypnosis, other than what I had seen on TV, or some who may have tried to quit smoking.  Open minded, and maybe a little skeptical, I met with Chris for a hypnosis session.

Chris immediately made me feel comfortable, shared techniques to help me relax, and focus.  He also explained Hypnosis and how it could help me with my personal goals, and through a difficult time in my life. After my first meeting with Chris, my life has been fast forwarded to help me obtain my personal goals, and back to enjoying life. So impressed, I made another appointment”

Bob L. – New Port Richey, FL


With his variety of techniques, Chris has helped me to calm my mind, and also begin to lose weight”

Judy B. – Oldsmar, FL


Mr. Hrabovsky’s calm demeanor and resonant delivery is ideal for facilitating pure relaxation and receptivity.”

Joyce D. – Clearwater, FL



Linnea F. said:

“My session was for weight reduction and I feel very positive things are headed in the right direction. Chris helped me resolve an issue that had been bothering me for many years. I’d recommend this to anyone who has issues that need resolved.”                         02/17/2013

Nadina F. said:

“It was a fantastic, life changing experience! I am feeling like a new, much better person now! Thank to Chris! ”


  • Vanessa F.

    Felt very comfortable with Chris! Amazing experience, very glad I bought this.

  • Elizabeth T.

    Chris is a great guy. He has an interesting technique and works hard to ensure that participants are comfortable during the session.

  • Josiah R.

    This was a great mind opening experience. It was only today that I went for the first time but I really feel that I have benefited from it!

  • Robert V.

    Very helpful and surprsingly entertaining. I recommend it

  • Kristen K.

    It was a wonderful experience and Chris is great at what he does.

  • Debra D.

    I bought this for my daughter and she told me that she found it very useful. I would recommend this service. Debra

  • Doug B.

    Chris did a great job. He gave me a lot of good suggestions to deal with the stress in my life. Also, he helped me to give up drinking diet soda, which is a huge relief. I wasn’t sure if I would like hypnosis, but it definitely worked for me.

  • Kathy H.

    Highly recommend..Chris was fantastic

  • Cindi M.

    Very interesting. I need to learn more about it & how it works but I do feel better right now after my session. Hoping it will set me in a new direction.

  • Cary S.

    Chris was amazing. I’m glad I saw this deal or I never would have found him. I’ll definitely go back.


This experience was SOOOOOO much more than I ever expected. I’ve listened to MP3s of other recorded hypnosis sessions, but I had no idea that there would be such a deep rooted effect with this live session. I highly recommend at least a one time appointment with Anxiety Free Me. I am definitely going back to see what else I can learn to be the best me I can be and release all of the junk we happen to carry with us.

October 13, 2012 Reply

I am more calm and centered.

August 19, 2012 Reply

Thanks Chris, you were wonderful

July 17, 2012

Keep up the great work! I am much calmer, and continue to EASILY lose weight!

June 11, 2012

I can’t tell you how much it means to finally be free of fear, and to be able to do the things I should do without hesitation or fear of failure. I am also calmer in the face of stressful events. I am amazed at the benefits I got from just one session. Thank you so very much.

June 11, 2012

I quit smoking after 16 years. I never looked back. It’s been 5 weeks and I never want to smoke again! Thank you!

June 11, 2012

Chris has the greatest voice for a hypnotist and he does something that has to be experienced to understand. I am very pleased that I signed up for this Groupon and hope to refer others.

May 20, 2012

Chris treated me and my issues with respect. Thank you!

May 05, 2012

Thank you Chris! Most relaxing week I have had in a long time, and I have lost 5 lbs

April 29, 2012

Thank you for the help