Chris offers sessions customized  to YOUR goals, lifestyle and personality. Therefore, you will feel camaraderie in how your issues are addressed. This includes tailoring session times to best suit your pace and schedule as well, ranging from standard  two hour sessions, half day or full day marathon sessions. Or weekend workshops or retreats. Whatever is desired to partner with your mind to achieve your heart’s desire.
Chris also offers sessions in conjunction with a licensed psychologist when desired or needed. These sessions are commonly requested by couples for example, to address complex or deep rooted relational conflicts, or for trauma survivors seeking to clear any residue hampering their current potentialities.
Customized workshops & retreats are available for corporations, couples, mother-daughter pairings, veterans, trauma survivors, cardiac patients, and men recovering from loss.
CDs and mp3 downloads are also available for strengthening the inner self,  maintaining your ideal weight & size, relaxation & stress reduction, & smoking cessation.