CEU Documents

This page will contain all pdf, word,  open office, & scanned  documents, as well as mp3 recordings and links for the APA Continuing Education Unit workshops being taught by Dr. Williams and Dr. Payne.


Link to PDF:  Eliminate Disturbing Beliefs

Brain Gym exmples:  Click Here

Link to PDF:  Kundalini Yoga and Psychiatric Disorders

Link to hypnosis sample:  Rediscovery, The True You

Link to Huffington Post Article:  Winning the Language War, Defeating ‘Military Sexual Trauma’

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ptsd mst resources 001

concious language & the mind 001

a philosophy for success 001

benefits of equine therapy pg1 001

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benefits of equine therapy pg3 001

benefits of equine therapy pg4 001






rolling stone article pg1 001rolling stone article pg2 001

rolling stone article pg7 001rolling stone article pg6 001rolling stone article pg5 001rolling stone article pg4 001rolling stone article pg3 001

rolling stone article pg8 001



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